5 front door mistakes to avoid to set the right first impression

5 front door mistakes to avoid to set the right first impression

We were recently featured in Homes and Gardens on this topic, and the content below has been taken from the feature – take a look at the full article here.

Knowing which front door colours to avoid is certainly an effective place to begin, but the process doesn’t end with your palette. Here are five mistakes to avoid when creating a front door.

Not experimenting with colour

Your front door is unlikely to be at the peak of your colour ideas, but your choice of hue undeniably impacts the overall look of your exterior. It should be a tone that showcases your personality to all who pass by your home. 

It’s all too often people play it safe and choose something that blends so easily into every other house around them. There are various colours, patterns, and material finishes to explore, and people will notice this when visiting your home. That will also allow you to play with your creative side and allow your façade to stand out amongst your neighbours.

Buying handles straight from the shelf

Handles may seem relative in the grand scheme of front door design, but they are surprisingly significant.  

Our senses should play a massive part in how our houses reflect us. We experience our environment through touch as much as with our eyes. So, the kind of material and design of any door handle is very important.

Don’t accept off-the-shelf handles that most door suppliers provide as they are likely to be cheaper alternatives to the handle you may want to use. Instead, you should browse manufacturers and speak to professionals who can offer you the best handle for your door. After all, you’ll be locking and unlocking this door thousands of times over its lifetime, and we’ve all experienced that door which is annoying to close.

Shutting the light out

Security concerns may deter you from choosing glass-fronted doors, but with the right technology, you can fill your entryway ideas without worry. 

Utilising modern glazing technology, you can help flood your home with natural light without compromising your home’s security. People often fail to look beyond the existing door opening. In most cases, it can be easily widened with little building work to create a more dramatic opening– especially if you use full-height side windows or glazing at the top of the door.

Not considering how your door is going to open

The way a door swings into a space can have a big knock on effect on how you use that area. Take some time and visualise what is the best way for your door to open. If the door opens one way, it might allow for space – perhaps for a console table, or it could close down the space between your door and stairs. 

Getting it wrong will make your entrance less functional. Getting it right can transform your entrance space.

Ignoring your entrance space

Think beyond your front door and look around your entrance space. While adding a new front door can improve the entrance area of your home, why not take it a step further. 

When designing a new home, we always align the front door to allow through views of the house, to the garden at the rear. Your entrance hall should use light sources at either end to pull you through a home, creating a false perspective to make your home feel larger than it is. It’s an easy trick to create. 

So review your current layout. Can you replace your kitchen door with a glazed one to create that through view? Would making an opening in an existing wall, maybe with a double glazed internal door, transform your home? There are some fantastic options available for internal doors – from oak and glass for a rustic feel, to crittal styles for a more modern and industrial chic. So when you’re looking at replacing your front door, turn around for a second and take the space in. The answer could be behind you all along!