Case study

The Little Dragon’s Day Nursery project breathes new life into a disused building

A unique public project, the Little Dragon’s Day Nursery project breathes new life into a disused building to ensure the continued use of a local heritage asset. Developed alongside a client with a clear vision, Spatial Future Architects managed the complicated planning application and community engagement to create a valued neighbourhood service. Little Dragon’s Day Nursery was a finalist in the 2022 CIAT Award for Excellence in Architectural Technology.



North Stratford-upon-Avon

Budget range

£250k – £500k

Services included
The story

The client purchased the derelict church with the intention to run a nursery from the site. There was need for a full planning application that attracted plenty of local attention and despite coming up against a small amount of initial resistance, the nursery is now loved and valued by the village. 

The project

The proposed church conversion had to be completely repurposed to allow for the safe and enjoyable use of the building as a day nursery. The children’s ages range from a baby (6 months) to pre-school (3-5 years) with kitchen provisions to prepare and serve meals throughout the day.

The style

Traditional ● Gothic ● Playful

The existing structure had to be assessed for damage accumulated during its derelict period and the new proposals sought to incorporate as much of the original character as reasonably practical. Similar to a lot of traditional church buildings, openings were small and heavily framed with leadwork although incorporated some stained glass. All of the existing gothic-arched windows were retained and refurbished with new rooflights providing additional natural lighting and the gothic arch motif being replicated within interior windows. Bespoke furniture solutions divide up the interior with storage and play equipment creating an efficient layout that meets the needs of the staff and the playful intent of the children.


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