About our development projects

Luxury apartments, affordable housing, mixed-use developments or community projects all play major parts in determining how we experience our towns and cities. The construction of these kinds of buildings are generally driven by developers and therefore must be carefully crafted and economically viable.

Our process for development projects



To us, architecture is all about people which is why we take the time to get to know our clients and potential project stakeholders during an initial briefing meeting. Here you’ll be met by your Design Manager who will guide you through every stage of the project. This is the session where we will discuss budgets, timescales, wants and needs.



We will create a one-of-a kind digital 3D model of your proposed design. This interactive experience will allow you or the intended building users to walk through each space, making informed decisions on design, layout and finishes. We encourage our clients to take this interactive walkthrough home with their friends and family to help discuss decisions.



We believe that it’s what goes inside a building that makes it function to the best of its ability. This stage of the process is where we introduce our interiors team who will coordinate the finishing touches of your project, ensuring the highest quality finish is consistently applied inside and out.



Our construction team will be responsible for the day-to-day aspects of your build. Finalised building estimates, construction contracts and a date to start your project will all be agreed. During the building stage you will receive updates from your Construction Project Manager, and we pride ourselves on being completely transparent about all aspects of our work.



We don’t believe in goodbyes! Once your project is completed we will keep in contact and make visits to your property to check for any additional work that may be required. We will make sure you are completely satisfied with your project before ensuring all requirements for Building Control have been met and signed off.

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